How to treat Keloid scarring effectively

If you find yourself with a keloid scar, your first line of treatment should probably include a topical ointment, or a scar gel. Topical creams are a good treatment options for scars because they are the least invasive of other scar removal options and much more affordable for a person. If you go the scar gel route, this is a treatment which you can initiate and maintain yourself as you will be applying the cream to your scar as the directions suggest. Surgical removal does not guarantee a permanent removal of a keloid scar and it can even make one worse. It may successfully remove the keloid scar in question, but a keloid scar may actually return after the surgery and sometimes in a larger form. That is a very significant reason to try out a topical cream or scar treatments (see gel first because you may achieve results which make you happy, without actually going through a sometimes costly and risky surgical procedure.

Not each and every scar gel or scar ointment is created equally so a successful outcome via scar gel treatment really depends on which scar gel or cream you choose to go withs. The most effective scar gel and scar ointments contain silicon as an active ingredient. Silicon aids in creating a barrier which prevents moisture from escaping your wound. When you are losing too much moisture you are decreasing collagen production and increasing your risk of scarring. So this form of keloid scar treatment is really effective at promoting the optimal healing for a keloid scar and removing a scar. It would be extremely wise to research as many scar gels as you can and see what other people are saying about their experiences so that you may heed their advice and achieve as successful results as they are reporting to have experienced.